Lone star aquariums is an awesome store. When you walk into the store you will be amazed at all the cool things they have for your fish tank. Even if you don't have a fish tank they have everything you need to set one up. They have a wonderful healthy variety of freshwater and saltwater fish. All their fish and coral are healthy and the tanks are clean. They are always very friendly and willing to help with anything you need. If you have not been to this great fish store in Tyler then you are truly missing out.

Menissa Abercrombie

When I got pregnant last year I called Lone Star Aquarium to help maintain my 115 gallon saltwater aquarium. My tank has never looked better and I do not want to go back to cleaning my own tank again. Jeff and Aundrea are extremely knowledgeable in answering all my questions and concerns ranging from fish, coral, and equipment. I also purchase livestock and equipment from Lone Star Aquarium which is all brought directly to my home and acclimated with my monthly maintenance! I have absolute confidence in them coming to my home and I enjoy my tank on a completely new level.
Jonna Satterwhite

We highly recommend Lone Star Aquariums! The product and the service have been outstanding. They have done an excellent job. The personnel are accommodating, very friendly and willing to assist whenever necessary.
Michelle Black

I have known Jeff for over three years. That is how long he has been coming to my house on a regular basis to care for my 90 gallon saltwater aquarium.

He orders my fish and coral, cleans my tank once per month, and brings me whatever I might need for it. When I have a problem, he comes right out and checks it out for me and fixes it. He has changed tanks for me, taken care of my fish, and made this experience a very pleasant one for me. I can still say I don't know much about saltwater aquariums. I let Jeff do the thinking for me!

I know it is because of Jeff that I have had such success with this tank. It is my first saltwater aquarium experience! And I wouldn't have a clue how to keep it healthy were it not for Jeff Morley and Lonestar Aquariums!

I take my hat off to you, Jeff! You are a fine example of a kind-hearted person that truly loves what he does, and a noble businessman as well.

Brenda Kula